La Casa del Melograno


The physical space of some places is only a landmark. They seem as if they are created -and maybe they are, above of all, to be places of the spirit. They are havens where one can search for landfalls, where they can release all of their numberless complicities which accompany the life of everyone of us.

Furore is all of this and it’s geographic position confirms it. The terraces where the olive trees and the grape vines run between the bushes and the mountain sides, the little stairs which fall into the sea; the spacious bends which blend together the blue of the water with the blue of the mountain skies; the landscape which is sprinkled with small houses and large arches which reject the traditional image of the town; domes and bell-towers with bright pieces of ceramic pottery and, in the end, the “Fiordo” with it’s magical imagery, the intact village, the few houses excaveted in the cliff side, and the sea which runs through it. It is the secret face of the Amalfi Coast that you have just started to discover.

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